Local businesses taking affect from COVID-19

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Along with churches and schools, businesses at all levels are also being affected by the COVID-19 threat.

Changes to the day to day office work are happening all over. One large business in Erie that is making adjustments is Erie Insurance.

The company released the following statement.

“In addition to the employee travel restrictions announced previously, we are advising employees who can work remotely to do so. Employees who are essential to agent and customer service will remain on site. This policy is consistent with Erie’s business continuity plans.”

For smaller businesses, the larger businesses work from home dynamic can have a major effect on their bottom line.

A local coffee shop owner spoke out about how the dynamic is affecting her bottom line.

That’s one of our biggest customers as a whole, so you know we are feeling the effects. I looked at our sales this morning and from last week we are down 76%,” said Hanna Kirby, owner of Ember and Forge.

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