Local Catholic elementary school create kindness corner with positivity Post-it notes

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One Catholic elementary school is encouraging students to scribble on the walls, but it is not vandalism.

This is the kindness corner at Blessed Sacrament School which features the kindness tree.

If students see an act of kindness, they are asked to write it down on a Post-it note for the wall to join with seasonal decorations.

The idea is to promote positive attitudes instead of just being against bullying. The students are also asked to be kind to each other.

“We constructed the kindness tree and every month or so the decorations on the tree change to reflect the season and right now it’s the season of Lent so students made a heart with a mask on it and they were to write down what they’ll do extra for Lent ad how to be kind for Lent,” said Jane Wagner, Principal at Blessed Sacrament.

Act of kindness are also read during morning announcements.

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