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Meadville based comedian Tammy Pescatelli is adding a new credit to her resume, becoming a leading actress in a film.

She is also releasing a new stand-up special. Samiar Nefzi sat down with the comic to catch up on all of the activity.

It’s an opportunity Pescatelli has been waiting for, a chance to star as a lead in a movie.

The movie is called “That’s Amore” a romantic comedy about an Italian mother who is trying to get her daughter married off. Pescatelli claims this is putting her acting chops to the test.

If I don’t pull this off, we don’t have to worry about it.

Tammy Pescatelli, Actress and Comedian

Pescatelli’s original goal was to be an actress, however a middle school guidance counselor once told her she would never make it.

According to Pescatelli the counselor told her she was from Perry and that nobody from that area has ever been on TV. Pescatelli was told if she wanted to be on TV, she would have to rob a bank.

Those words led Pescatelli to fight full steam ahead to make a name for herself including filming her newest stand-up special “Way After School” at the very location her guidance counselor told her she wouldn’t make it. This shows kids that anything is possible.

It wasn’t even about me anymore. It was about filming it at the small school telling kids if you want to participate to come on work along side the professionals. See how this actually works and anybody who wants to be on TV, I’m going to put you on TV.

Tammy Pescatelli, Actress and Comedian

The work doesn’t just stop there. The working mother also has another project coming out on Showtime called “Women of a Certain Age” adding she has never been busier in her career than now.

The only thing Pescatelli has an issue with is Jennifer Lopez made everyone think they are supposed to look hot. According to Pescatelli she herself is just old and can just sit with these wrinkles.

Thats amore premiers February 13th and the Way After School Special hits Netflix on March 18th.

You can check out the full interview with Tammy Pescatelli right here

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