“Creating jobs, increase gross domestic product  in the county, and to move the county forward to create jobs at livable wages,” said Company Mentor Brenton Davis. 

    Is just one of the goals that Davis has as a mentor to several area start-up companies. Davis has been working with South Morgan Technologies to help grow their business. By the sounds of it, it’s going well. 

“When you talk about a company going from a couple hundred thousand a year to a million plus, that’s a big jump,” said Davis.

South Morgan Technologies has been around since 20-11 operating out of the Girard Small Business Incubator. 

” “We’ve had average growth every year since 2011,” said CEO Kevin Ames. “There was only one year we experienced negative growth. “

Now they are reaching out to continue their growth, but need workers. Ames said he is able to move the company to a bigger building and add another shift, but they can’t find people to fill the positions.

“You know, without the people to make that happen, ” said Ames.”I’m kind of dead in the water. “