Local contractors weigh in on building material shortages

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Workers are not the only thing in short supply. It’s also a waiting game for some homeowners considering home improvement projects.

Local contractors say they are dealing with building material shortages.

Several contractors say it’s typical for summers to be busy with projects, but they’ve never seen the cost of materials this high.

The contractors say since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many homeowners are waiting to schedule home improvement projects.

The president of the Builders Association of Northwestern Pennsylvania say this becomes an issue. The supply of building materials is not enough to meet customer demand.

“We’re told every month it’ll come in and then it’s another month, so the jobs sit idle while, you know, the homeowners are a little disgruntled with us because we can’t get to those jobs to finish them, but it’s out of your control.” said Tom Montagna.

Montagna says the pandemic has caused lumber and building material shortages. It’s been difficult to import supplies from Canada.

“If the prices don’t come down, I don’t know if those people are going to build. The same house two years ago was over $100,000 less in some cases.” Montagna said.

The owner of Angelo’s Roofing and Construction say its the price of lumber that has gone up significantly.

“The cost of a 4×8 sheet, say 7/16 was about $10 a sheet. It’s up to about $50 a sheet now.” said Andy Vinca.

Vinca says when he learned of the potential shortages in the winter, the company tried to stock up on materials. He says despite these efforts there is still a delay.

“There is always a little bit of a wait, especially with this year with certain materials. If you were to order siding or rubber roofing or even commercial products, it would take three to five months before you’re going to see it in.” Vinca said.

Several contractors say they believe when the Canadian border opens, prices of building materials could go down. For now, they are waiting to see what happens.

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