Two local daycares are looking to get back on track and operate the way they once did pre-pandemic despite facing various COVID-related issues.

Here’s what they are facing and if they are prepared to allow more children into the classrooms.

Two daycares in Erie are among other businesses that are being impacted by staffing shortages. For one of these daycares, it goes beyond receiving applicants for positions.

Businesses all over continue to be impacted by issues after the pandemic.

In May, Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services visited Little Acorns Learning Center in Erie to hear concerns of employees.

“Before DHS came in we were really struggling with hiring. We were running into struggles with our first aid certification as regulations have changed, and also changes in what our requirements were for our clearances to have staff come in,” said Arlene McMahon, Director of Little Acorns Learning Center.

Almost three months later, the learning center is on the road to recovery as their clearance system has been adjusted, but a certain battle still lies ahead.

“We’re able to get teachers in a little bit easier now that the clearance system has been fixed, but we’re still battling first aid certification regulation changes and that’s been a struggle for us,” said McMahon.

Staffing at Playway Loving Child Care Center is also being impacted.

“As part of state government rules we need a specific number of teachers all the time in the daycare center,” said Santosh Kang, Director of Playway Loving Child Care Center.

One problem the director of Playway faces with staffing is getting applicants to even show up for interviews.

“Initially it was not very difficult. People are available at the time of interview. All people used to come, now they promise they will come for the interview and then they don’t come,” said Kang.

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Both daycares said that they are prepared to provide care for children that are enrolled despite the issues they may encounter.