Local Erie County United members rally for higher minimum wage

Local News

Erie County United members rallied in front of State Senator Dan Laughlin’s office today to call for higher wages.

An organizer of the rally says this protest was in response to Senator Laughlin and Senator Michelle Brooks saying $8.00 an hour was an efficient minimum wage.

She added people in the Commonwealth cannot live off of $8.00 an hour, and she would like for the senators to consider Governor Tom Wolf’s proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour.

Elspeth Koehle, Community Organizer at Erie County United says, “It’s kind of insulting to hear them come out and say $8.00 / $8.50 is good enough for working families ’cause we all know it’s not”.

Erie County United members say they will continue to rally until their voices are heard.

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