Local female leaders react to death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg

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Local leaders are reacting to the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Local leaders are also saying that the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg has caused some to grieve. However her career continues to inspire others to advocate for equal rights for all people.

“As soon as I saw the news, it was upsetting. To me she was an amazing woman and an inspiration to me not only as a woman, but in the legal field as well first as an attorney and then as a judge,” said Erin Connelly Marucci, Erie County Court of Police Judge.

Other local female leaders agree. Julie Slomski said that Ginsberg had been an influence to her as a female politician.

“A true champion for equality and probably one of the most consequential Americans in my lifetime. I talked to so many folks who are grieving,” said Julie Slomski, (D) Nominee for State Senate.

Although some people are grieving, one local candidate for congress said it drives her to advocate for equal rights the way Ginsberg did.

“It really just lit more fire underneath me to strive to be the best that I can to be the role model that I want to be for my two girls and to my community,” said Kristie Gnibus, (D) Candidate for Congress.

In addition to local officials saying Ginsberg was an inspiration, they said that her death should remind people to get out and vote.

“We have to vote because there is so much on the ballot. It’s not just the presidency, it’s all down the ballots, but when you think about what’s on the top of the ticket, it’s the supreme court as well,” said Gnibus.

“Everybody should always get out and vote no matter which side you are on. It’s important that you exercise your right to vote,” said Marucci.

These officials say that if you are planning on voting by mail in ballot, do so as soon as possible.

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