Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a fire-fighter, EMS or a member of other public safety departments?

Sunday, community members got the chance to find out first hand at Crescent Hose Fire Department in North East.

Between extraction demonstrations, helicopter landing fire simulators and more, people got a hands-on view of what being a first responder looks like.

The fire and EMS staffing crisis has been an ongoing concern with volunteer departments everywhere.

But after seeing up close, what the Crescent Hose Fire Department had on display Sunday, staff are hoping that the action could draw out some new recruits.

“We really just want to show the community what we do, show them why we’re here, and get some new members out of it,” said Damian Trusty, fire lieutenant for the Crescent Hose Fire Department.

Trusty added that having a close connection with the community you serve is everything.

“You see a lot of these public service figures and it’s like, oh well, yeah they’re good, they’re doing something for the community, but they’re kind of a stranger. It’s nice to just be able to get to talk with them and get to know them at a more personal level than just as the guy who comes in a firetruck or an ambulance,” Trusty said.

Crescent Hose was kitted out with everything from practice vehicles extractions and helicopter landings to fire simulators, hands-only CPR and bleeding control.

Several neighboring departments in east county showing support by attending with their engines, and police cars.

“This is what the guys are going to do, this is how they’re going to handle it, this is how they’re going to talk to you and treat you, we try to keep everybody calm. In doing these demonstrations today, showing them a nice, slow motion walk through of what we do, how we do it, and the tools do it with,” said Dave Meehl, North East Fire Chief.

And while recruitment has been a nagging problem, there have been many advocates for the junior program, which trains and gets the youth involved and educated.

“Those junior years prompted me to see kind of a look into what everything is and maybe my interest personally,” said Maria Dimperio, organizer and member of the North East Fire Department.

“One day it just kind of stuck that this is a family, this is what I want to do. I know that no matter what these people will be here for me. We get to experience some really amazing, and traumatic, and experiences not every day you get to experience,” Dimperio went on to say.

The North East Fire Chief said that he hopes this opportunity shows the community all of the resources available for them in their time of need.