It’s National “Petal it Forward Day” and here in Erie, there were smiles on people’s faces.

Wednesday at Floral Expressions employees were out and about in Wesleyville distributing some bouquets to random people for free. The only “price” they asked was that those who receive them in turn do something nice for someone else in return.

The owner said with how our world is now a days, spreading some smiles can go a long way.

“We live in a world so fast paced so much is going on all the time and we have no idea what is going on in someone else’s life because we don’t ask anymore we are so wrapped up in our own struggles so just taking a moment to give someone a little bit of flowers for absolutely no reason really shows you just how much we need to stop and pay attention,” said Darlene Alfieri, owner of floral expressions.

At least 50 bouquets were given out and the shop hopes to continue this every year.