Local fruit farm owner asks the public to watch for Spotted Lanternfly

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One local fruit farm owner is working with Penn State University in order to help prevent one bug from coming to the area and destroying local crops.

Right now, the Spotted Lanternflies primarily reside in the southeast part of Pennsylvania, making this a major threat to the state’s agriculture and forestry industries. However, many efforts are being made right now to keep them out of our area.

This fly is primarily attracted to fruit trees, namely peach and grape vines, along with different vegetables.  

Another major problem is how much these bugs grow, even though their life expectancy is only about a year long.

Nick Mobilia, who is the co-owner of Mobilia Fruit Farm, informed us that the Spotted Lanternflies will lay their eggs on any flat surface, and if you were to see one of these anywhere, there are some steps you should take.

Mobilia says, “If you’re looking at your furniture and see those little brown mass on it, you should really get a jar or a baggie and just scrape it off with a knife and put it in there and seal it up. Call and let the Department of Agriculture [know you] found some of those on your furniture or around your house or there on your grill or there on your car.”

In efforts to prevent this from spreading, Penn State University’s Department of Agriculture is working on a project right now to disrupt the flies during their mating season. 

If you were to see one, you can kill it by squishing the bug or with a fly swatter.

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