One garden center and nursery is stocked and prepared for the upcoming holiday.

John Mason, the retail manager at Mason Farms told us that their market has been pretty busy the last couple of days.

He said it’s a change of pace since last week when it was constantly raining. Their most popular item recently has been red geraniums.

Mason said this week is also big for memorial pots.

“Hopefully we’re frost-free now. I think we had a frost last week. I hope that’s that last one we see until fall, but this is Erie. The weather forecast looks pretty good. Everybody’s getting in their yards, they’re getting their flowers planted and their vegetable gardens in, they’re getting their pots done and getting out to cemeteries this weekend for the events and it’s going to be a great weekend,” said John Mason, retail manager for Mason Farms.

Mason Farms will be open 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Sunday and Monday.