As we hit a stretch of good weather, local garden centers tell us that business has picked up since the temperatures have warmed up.

The colors of spring flowers fill local garden centers as people shopped for flowers and plants to put around their home.

“I have to get something that grows perennial every year and not too high, but I’ve got a couple ideas. I took some pictures, we have to have the wife’s approval,” said Walt Boehm, Erie Resident.

While not all crops can be planted in the ground now, it gives gardeners a chance to plan out their gardens.

“Get your garden tilled up. Get it all raked out, levelled out, get your rows plan and always say that’s a good winter project is when your gardens ahead of time. That way, you know what you’re going to need, what you’re going to get, and where it’s going to go because you should rotate things around your garden quite often,” said John Mason Jr., Owner of Mason Farms.

Unlike other industries like hospitality, at-home gardening and planting grew during the pandemic.

“We’re two years in a row for sales levels that we did not plan for being that we grow in house. It was impossible for us to kind of say ‘Oh, we need more of this,’ because it wasn’t here. That being said, now that we’ve kind of adjusted to the new norm,” said Josh Skarzenski, Stan’s Garden Center Owner.

Both Stan’s and Mason’s Farms grow their own flowers so supply has not been an issue. However, hard goods like flower pots haven’t been easy to come by.

“I have had pottery ordered since last August that hasn’t showed up. I mean there’s just a lot of things especially if it’s coming from overseas. It’s a difficult time right now,” Mason said.

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“For things that come off shore, like the pottery and things, some of that has been hiccups. Even though we ordered last summer, August, some things still haven’t arrived,” said Skarzenski.