The great bike giveaway provides specially made bikes for children who may not be able to ride a regualr two-wheel bike.

The adapted bikes often cost more than $2,000 a piece, putting them out of reach for some families.

9-year-old Ava-Grace Osmer’s mother says Ava-Grace has had a rough start to life, and winning one of the adapted bikes would change her life.

Tracy Carver says, “When i was pregnant with her we found out in an ultra sound that they thought she only had one kidney and there would be other issues – heart related – and things like that. So it was the anticipation of delivery and success was minimal.”

Ava-Grace Osmer’s mother, Tracy Carver, says Ava-Grace was born with a deletion of the long arm chromosome 10, which causes many issues with balance, muscle coordination, as well as developmental delays.

She was also born with her kidneys in the shape of a capital ‘l’ causing bladder and other problems because things are not where they should be.

Carver also says Ava-Grace has also been diagnosed with autism.

But through social media, Carver found out about the great bike giveaway – an opportunity that could change Ava-Grace’s life forever.

Carver says, “The acceptance is not there. And it is very hard for her to maintain friendships – to form friendships period. And to sustain them. (And you think this would help?) and a bike would get her out, outside and get her doing something that other kids are doing because a bike is kind of like a right of passage for any kid.”

Ava-Grace says she’s hoping to win the bike to ride up and down the street with her friends just like everybody else.”

Ava-Grace says. “Because i really want to win that bike. It looks fun to ride.”

Carver says, “She would love to go out and get on a bike in theory, even with training wheels, and pedal to her heart’s content with her friends. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the balance, the muscular coordination, you know anxiety is an issue. All these different things that physically she just can’t do that. We’ve tried.”

Carver says the organization gives away 2 bikes per category, and they are hoping to win a ‘buddy bike’

Carver says. “It takes the pressure off of the front rider to have to go through the physical exertion. She would still pedal, but she would not be responsible for the steering.”

However, she’s competing against 600 kids across the country.

Carver says that’s where they need your help.

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