Local glass collecting service works to reduce the communities carbon foot print while offering self serve glass drop off

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One local glass collection service is working to reduce the communities carbon foot print while offering a 24/7 self serve glass drop off on East Avenue.

We spoke to the owner of Bayfront Glass about how the collection services are impacting the community.

The owner of the company said that Bayfront Glass has a variety of locations for people to drop off glass at.

The company has even teamed up with local bars and restaurants.

That’s roughly 1,200 pounds of glass in the process of being recycled. The owner of Bayfront Glass LLC said that recycling glass benefits the local community.

“Glass is one of the most recyclable materials that we’ve ever created. So getting that out of the waste stream helps streamline the waste. I mean glass is not trash, so keeping it away from the trash is a big step,” said John Nowakowski, Owner of Bayfront Glass LLC.

Nowakowski added that Bayfront Glass recycles about 4,000 pounds of glass each month.

Nowakowski also said that once the glass is broken down it can be used for municipal projects or to even make new glass jars and bottles.

“I have some of the best support from local, just people all over the community. They love what I’m doing. The municipalities that I do work with, it’s an awesome value to them. It’s an awesome service,” said Nowakowski.

The president of one local distillery said that recycling with Bayfront Glass is one of the many ways they choose to stay green.

“We have always wanted to be green from everything that we make from organics to the way we process our bottles. Recycling programs in Erie have kind of come and gone and when they came in it was kind of a perfect fit for us,” said Gavin Moss, President of Altered State Distillery.

Moss added that every two weeks, Altered State Distillery recycles about 400 pounds of glass through Bayfront Glass.

“I think to us it’s important to have as little carbon footprint if you will on the Earth if you can. That’s just kind of our thing,” said Moss.

For a list of acceptable items to drop off at Bayfront Glass, click here.

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