Local grocers see uptick in purchase of healthier greens since romaine lettuce recall

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The romaine lettuce warning is affecting what restaurants are serving and what retailers are selling.

The E. Coli outbreak this month has impacted 12 states and sickened 43 people.  There have been no reports of people getting sick from the romaine lettuce in Pennsylvania, but Erie’s Whole Foods Co-op was among those responding to the CDC’s warning last week.

They tossed all products with romaine, an estimated retail value of up to $800.  The grocery store says other leafy greens, like kale, have seen an uptick in sales.

Produce Manager for Whole Foods, Sei Paulson, tells us, “…if anything, that might be a positive because items like that, that have a lot of color or are a little bit darker than your regular lettuce actually have more vitamins in them. So, they’re healthier.”

The affected lettuce has been traced to parts of California.  This week, industry groups announced they will label romaine lettuce with their location of origin.

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