Local group works to remove snow from downtown streets

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One organization is partnering up with a local business in order to keep the streets safe during winter months.

Chelsey Withers reports with a look at how this project is helping the community.

This project is not only helping to clear the sidewalks and streets, it is also helping people to get their start in the work force.

It was an early start for some workers to assist with cleaning the streets and sidewalks.

“We start at 3 a.m. with the Downtown Partnership helping with snow removal on the sidewalks, then this crew comes in about 5 a.m. to start cleaning,” said Scot Flick, Program Manager.

Provider Resources Inc. and the Erie Downtown Partnership have come together to not only help serve the community by doing some extra cleanup downtown, but to also help find work.

“Here is a chance for some of these people who are new to our community, their new to having a second change in helping out. They are part of the community, so can not only can help, but they have a social impact on their own lives. It’s just been an win-win situation all the way around,” said John Buchna, Executive Director, Erie Downtown Partnership.

For some of the workers, this is the first time they have ever seen snow, but that isn’t stopping them from getting the job done.

“These guys take every task head on and they just go out and do it. I think they’re having fun with it,” said Buchna.

This is not only benefiting those who are working, but those who are walking too.

“We are able to take our main machine up the sidewalk, but they are following up support with their own snow blowers and hand shovels, trying to add more service to our downtown, but really make it accessible from a snow removal standpoint, which ultimately adds to the safety element of downtown,” said Buchna.

The Erie Downtown Partnership and Provider Resources Inc. began working together six months ago.

Other projects they’ve done include weeding and garbage removal.

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