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Ever see the show Ninja Warriors? Well one local gym held it’s regional competition today for the National Ninja League here in Erie.

Sinai Sports held their regional qualifier competition today for the National Ninja League.

People know this sport from the television show Ninja Warrior, but now it has become a popular sport here in Erie.

“Everyone has a dream of becoming a ninja or a superhero. For Sinai Gym, this dream became a reality for many athletes as they even compete together as a family.

“I started this sport three years ago. I had a background as a gymnast. I started to get a lot of mental block so I switched to ninja and I think it’s a lot more fun and personally I like the community better. I think it’s more positive,” said Anella Bolster, Ninja Competitor.

Competing as a family and doing the very best that you can do is something Anella’s father saw as an opportunity.

“Wait how come you guys aren’t doing it if it doesn’t matter? If we just do our best you guys can go out there and do your best and so now my wife and I compete as well,” said Kevin Bolster, Ninja Competitor.

In order to compete to be on the American Ninja Warrior show, you first have to make it past regional and worlds.

“Every competitor goes to a competition. If you are in the top three of the competition you will qualify in that region, you are able to move on,” said Monica Dvoranchik, Owner of Sinai Sports.

Each competition you go to you are awarded points for being in first, second, or third place. The more points you have determine when you compete in regionals and worlds.

“As you are watching other competitors run, you can figure out tips and tricks on how can I shave off a few seconds here or there or how can I beat this course,” said Dvoranchik.

With every competition there is a different obstacle course. Practicing on something such as a rock climbing wall can certainly help with grip strength.

For inspiring ninja warriors such as Anella, this is a sport she wants to keep competing in.

“As soon as I can I want to be on the show and I am actually looking for colleges and one deciding factor is if they have a ninja gym close to them, so it’s something that I would like to keep doing throughout my whole life. It’s really a nice way to stay active,” said Bolster.

The true purpose of the regional qualifier competition is to find the best ninja that can complete the obstacle course correctly and quickly without falling.

Competitors that have mastered this course will now be moving on to regionals.

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