Local heart attack patient thanks those who saved his life

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It’s Valentine’s Day, but this story has nothing to do with the holiday.  It does have a lot to do with heart though and the gratitude of one man, in the prime of life, suddenly facing a massive heart attack.

It’s a day of hugs and pictures as 36-year-old Matt Oldach got his chance to thank people who saved his life.  

One Friday morning as Matt went to work at Erie Insurance, he tells us he was “jogging in from the parking ramp… and literally remember nothing else”.

He remembers nothing of the next hours until he woke up in a Pittsburgh hospital bed.  He doesn’t remember the Erie Insurance staff, paramedics, and UPMC hospital staff who worked those hours to save his life, including the decision to use an Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation, or ‘ECMO’ machine.  For one of the first times, the machine that keeps blood and oxygen going to the body until the fatal heart rhythm calms was used.

Dr. Quentin Orlando of UPMC Hamot tells us, “We made the diagnosis; we were able to treat it successfully and continue to observe him afterwards”.

Because Matt doesn’t remember much about that day, it’s always bothered him he couldn’t thank his rescuers.  Now, given the chance, his words are heartfelt:

“Just getting the chance to interact with them and understand what I went through and what they went through was just really rewarding and I’m really thankful for the opportunity.”

A Valentine’s Day story that has nothing to do with flowers or chocolates…

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