High school and college ROTC programs came together to give back to veterans.

The annual Ruck for Life took place on the Bayfront Saturday morning.

Students marched about five miles with backpack full of donations for veterans in need. Hygiene products, clothing, coffee, and non-perishable foods were just some of the donations that they collected for the Liberty House and EUMA charities.

One student says their school hosts this event every fall and spring and it’s r-o-t-c tradition to participate.

“We’ve always went by the golden rule so treat others how you want to be treated and I’d like to think that any one of us here that’s participating today we’re to find ourselves in the same situations as a veteran that was on the streets or poor or their family was in need, I’d love to think that other people would be willing to help us. That’s why I love participating,” said Vidyan Sarvesh, junior, Collegiate Academy.

Sarvesh invites anyone to participate and encourages others to join the next March.