The CEO of Variety of Children’s Charity gave gifts worth $26,100 to local children with disabilities.

Local kids of Erie, Crawford, and Warren Counties received twelve adaptive strollers and one communication device.

The organization’s purpose is to serve children who live with a serious illness.

Four-year-old Schaefer Mezzacapon is one of the recipients who received his new adaptive bike from the organization.

The mother of Mezzacapon said that her hope is to have her son feel just like the other kids riding in their neighborhood.

“Being able to ride and not realizing he’s doing the work you know he’s not in therapy doing it. Having fun and just being a typical kid. Giving him the stability and hope he can walk on his own one day,” said Lori Colonna, Mother of Schaefer.

“It enables them to develop and have fun, enjoy life, that’s all we all want. We’re just giving them an opportunity each one of us wants in our own soul,” said Charlie Lavallee, CEO of Variety of Children’s Charity.

The charity will give gifts all year long to eligible recipients ages three through twenty one that apply for equipment.