Some local kids got some new wheels today. Parents say these pieces of equipment are life changing to their children, helping them participate in activities with their peers.

“He’s been through a lot and it’s not easy to find stuff like this and to find help.” said Debra Hosick.

Debra says her son Trent is receiving his first adaptive bike from Variety, an organization that helps enable children with disabilities. She said that Trent will now be able to ride along on family bike rides.

“This is going to make him feel like we do as we ride our bikes. He’s going to be able to enjoy doing that instead of just relying on his wheelchair.” Hosick said.

The CEO of Variety says these bikes and strollers aren’t the only forms of equipment to help kids with disabilities navigate.

“Families can get one, two, or three pieces of equipment, we’re not saying choose. No, I don’t want you to choose. If it will change your child’s life and your family’s life, we want you to go for all of them.” said Charlie Lavallee.

Lavallee is referring to the tree programs, My Bike, My Stroller, and My Voice, a communication program available to children who cannot speak.

“It’s so powerful. Every child should have a voice 24/7.” Lavallee said.

To learn more about Variety, you can click here to visit their website.