There have been more than 500 mass shootings in the united states this year .

In the wake of last night’s tragedy in Maine, we have local reaction from one legislator and a political expert on the status on gun reform in this country.

“Survey after survey, shows us that most Americans approve an effort to further limit people’s ability to acquire guns, particularly assault rifles,” said Dr. Joe Morris, political expert at Mercyhurst University.

Local political analyst Dr. Joe Morris said for more than a decade now many Americans are hoping for some kind of gun reform.

The Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 starting a national conversation.

“There is almost always a call for gun reform more gun control, unfortunately historically support for that kind of reform fades really really quickly,” Dr. Morris said.

Senator Bob Casey said he’s still committed to the issue. Expressing frustration about the lack of legislation.

“It’s time that we took action to finally pass a background check bill supported by 90% of the American people. 90! How could anyone in the U.S. Senate oppose a background check bill,” Casey said.

Casey said after the Uvalde, Texas shooting in 2022, both parties in the senate came up with an agreement the bipartisan Safer Communities Act. Which was the first major federal gun safety bill passed in more than 20 years.

He said it closes gun law loopholes and implemented new gun violence prevention policies. Casey said he believes more legislation is needed.

“These are legislators that are surrendering to a problem, which is so contrary to the American spirit to say that the most powerful country in the world can’t do anything, can’t pass one single bill to reduce the likelihood of more gun violence, that’s not the American way,” Casey went on to say.

We reached out to Congressman Mike Kelly’s office, he declined to comment.