Local markets impacted by bulk item purchasing from COVID-19 fears

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Supermarket shelves have been clearing out due to customers buying items in bulk with the possibility of staying home in fear of COVID-19.

This pushing many to smaller stores such as Gordon’s Quality Meat Market while looking for products.

On a normal Saturday at Gordon’s Meat Market, you might see a few dozen people shopping and preparing for the weekend ahead.

However, with the onset of COVID-19, the family owned market is nearly running out of items due to customers packing the store.

This is bringing both new and old customers to the store.

“We’ve had a line out the door since before we opened, 15 to 20 deep behind the meat counter and then in line as well. So it’s been absolutely crazy,” said Kyle Bohroer, Owner of Gordon’s Meat Market.

This is becoming the new norm for the owner saying with people buying in bulk from major retailers, some are heading to his store and purchasing food.

“We had a lot of people that came in saying they went to Sams Club, saying they went to Walmart, Wegmans and everything is out. So we got a lot of new customers and our typical Saturday regulars are obviously here,” said Bohroer.

Demand from customers has been so high that Bohroer is thinking about implementing a limit on what customers can buy.

While major retailers are selling out of products like meat, loyal customers are saying it’s a great time to support local businesses.

“I think the amount of clients they have today is good for business for them and it’s nice that we have this type of store here with the quality they have,” said Bob Paris, Customer at Gordon’s Meat Market.

Bob Paris said he has been shopping at the meat market for years and has never seen it like this.

“There’s a lot more people in here today then there normally is on a Saturday. It’s not bad, it’s just that there are a lot more people here today,” said Paris.

Bohroer added that people should not panic when shopping, but shop responsibly when it comes to purchasing food and other items.

Bohroer said that today they completely sold out of chicken and ground beef. He added that the community should come together and not over purchase.

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