Local mothers and families celebrate Mother’s Day by dining out

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Happy Mother’s Day. What better way to say thank you to mothers out there than by taking your mother out to dinner.

The mothers we spoke to today were excited to not only get out of the house, but to spend quality time with their favorite people, their own children.

It’s a special day for moms out there wanting to spend time with their family.

“It’s great being a mom every day. My daughter is lovely. It’s nice to have her home this weekend for Mother’s Day,” said Sue Perry, Mother.

Another mother said that she is just happy to be with her family.

“I’m really excited to be out. It’s nice to be able to come into restaurants. All of our family is coming so we can all be together on Mother’s Day,” said Kristi Kenyo, Mother.

The best part of enjoying brunch for this mom is getting out of the house.

“Getting outside it is a really chilly day, but it’s better to be outside than stuck at home and not be able to go anywhere,” said Kenyo.

Kenyo’s family wasn’t the only one to think of getting out for a bite to eat with the family.

Eighty reservations were made at Public House for Mother’s Day.

“I feel like we are back to a sense of normalcy. The weekend has been fairly good and we are fairly solidly booked for Mother’s Day as well,” said John Melody, Owner of U Pick 6.

“I feel like we are almost back to normal almost,” said Kenyo.

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