Local moviegoers return to theaters as COVID-19 restrictions ease

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As more people are getting out due to an ease of COVID restrictions, some people are enjoying an evening at the movie theater.

For those enjoying a movie out in theaters, Cinemark is keeping you safe by enforcing CDC rules and capacity restrictions.

Watching movies from home during the pandemic seemed to be the new normal, but now that restrictions have eased up more people are going out.

Local theaters are following CDC guidelines. Those who are fully vaccinated no longer need to wear masks. People who are not vaccinated still need to wear face masks.

Brianna Switala went with her friends to see Quiet Place 2.

“It has been absolutely forever since I’ve been able to come out and hang out with friends and stuff and be able to come here and spend time with people I care about, especially since all this super scary pandemic stuff going on,” Switala said.

Cinemark still has reduced capacity to the auditoriums and is keeping patrons safe by staggering showtimes.

This allows more time for employees to clean in between movies and for guests to exit which will prevent overcrowding in restrooms, halls, and lobbys.

“I’ve been going here since I was a kid. Like being able to get some popcorn with a little bit of extra butter, I miss it, it’s awesome,” said Nicholas Houston.

Maybe one of the best parts about being back into the movie theaters is spending time with some of your closest friends and, of course, with popcorn by your side.

Those we spoke with say that this makes life feel as if it almost getting back to normal.

“I hope that soon we will all be able to safely return to our lives before the pandemic and just go back to, kind of, day to day not worrying about getting sick when going out,” Switala said.

Another option that is encouraged by Cinemark is contactless ticketing. You can purchase tickets online and show up with a QR code on your phone when you get to the theater.

For those wanting more privacy there is a private auditorium option to enjoy your movie with close friends and family.

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