Local non-profit partners comment on $40 million investment commitment from ECF

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A local non-profit is putting its faith and its dollars in Erie with a five-year plan. 

The Erie Community Foundation aims to transform the Erie area with a 30 million framework.  It’s an initiative they say will tackle topics ranging from the population to the economy. 

The ECF is unveiling a plan unlike anything the organization has done in the past. 

The foundation’s president, Mike Batchelor, hopes to continue the transformation of Erie with a $30 million initiative. “If we’re successful, and we’re not the only ones, I think we’re gonna stem the population decline. We’re gonna help transform the economy… We’ll have better neighborhoods, more home ownership, healthier citizens and better schools.” 

Organizers plan to make the $30 million framework a reality by following three newly created steps. First, they’re doubling the grant-making budget for the ‘Helping Today’ program.  Second, they’re carving out $15 million for transformational projects.  And, third, for the first time, they’re putting $10 million from the foundation’s endowment fund to support initiatives in Erie. 

More than 400 non-profit members were among the crowd at the announcement. 

Adam Bratton, Nonprofit Partnership, says, “Nonprofits are vital to the health of the community. The theme for non-profit day this year is thriving versus surviving and our whole point is if we have thriving non-profits in Erie we’re gonna have a thriving community.” 

A goal mirrored by the Erie Community Foundation and now enhanced with its new plan. Edison Nicholson, Youth Leadership Institute of Erie, says, “Without the Erie Community Foundation, a lot of organizations in this community would be very lost.” 

And, of course, some of you are wondering where this additional funding came from.  The president tells us the ECF has been growing over the years.  He also says they’ve made a few big risks and some have started to pay off significantly.

But, first and foremost, he thanks the donors. 

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