Local officials react to the situation that took place downtown last night

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Local officials are reacting to the situation that that took place last night in Downtown Erie.

“This is a sad time for Erie Pennsylvania. A protest within the city lead to disappointment and sadness said Erie County councilwoman Kathy Schaff.

A protest within the City of Erie lead to disappointment and sadness for many individuals.

“Unfortunately things took a turn for the worse for whatever reason there’s so many videos out there. I’m sure we’re going to be looking at all of them and talking to the community so we can rebuild and get our hope back in Erie, PA,” said Schaff.

We reached out to Mayor Joe Schember as well as Chief of Police Dan Spizarny about the situation.

One of the questions we asked the mayor and chief of police about was about a video from the riot appearing to show an Erie Police officer kicking a protester as she was sitting on the ground.This situation was just part of an hour long situation.

Meanwhile a number of businesses along State Street woke up to destruction. This lead some city leaders to look towards the future and begin figuring out how to help these owners out.

“Somebody’s gotta have some assistance for them because this is totally ridiculous. They may have insurance, but if they have to tap their insurance for craziness, their insurance rate is going to go up when they aren’t making the kind of money they should be making anyway. The whole thing doesn’t have to happen and it should be stopped with complete strength,” said Ed Brzezinski, Erie City Councilman.

One common thought is what will help the city move forward is the current administration.

“I think this is kind of a wake up call of how do you unite people when we have impediment of getting together physically,” said Liz Allen, Erie City Councilwoman.

One leader explained that he would like to see the motivation of those who participated taken to Tuesday’s election.

“Disheartening for me would be on election day if I don’t see the same form of movement to the polls to vote and uphold our democracy and to keep us at free and a society we can make happen these kinds of opinions where you can disagree where you can protest,” said Gary Horton, President of Erie NAACP.

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