One local organization is responding to a scam that has hit local vendors while using the organization’s name.

The Erie Downtown Partnership has been contacted by vendors who are wondering if they are still holding their event in the park.

This is causing a problem because there is no event in the park.

Vendors who have already paid to participate said that the scammer requested their money through PayPal Friends and Family, which makes refunds impossible.

It has been reported that the area code of the phone number used in this scam is from Texas.

The events and marketing manager of the Erie Downtown Partnership shared tips on how to recognize the red flags and avoid being scammed.

“I would look for official logos from organizations that you trust, organizations that you recognize like the city or EDP or somebody to make sure that somebody is holding the event,” said Dave Tamulonis, Events and Marking Manager for Erie Downtown Partnership.

Tamulonis also advises to pay attention to emails and phone numbers in order to make sure that it is an Erie area code.