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Beginning the new year with a helping hand, the Cornerstone Construction Company is helping to supply food to the Bethany Outreach Center.

Yoselin Person was live outside of the Bethany Outreach Center with more.

Workers at the Bethany Outreach Center have less to worry about since Cornerstone is now helping to deliver food in order for workers at the center to distribute the food boxes to the community.

Box after box…case after case…more than 6,000 pounds of food is being distributed at the Bethany Outreach Center. Every family receives about seven meals per week. 

“There’s many families that come to food pantry’s now that have never had to come in the past, so it makes the work even more important,” said Mabel Howard, executive director, Bethany Outreach Center.

The Cornerstone Construction Company stepped up to help because they saw the need.

“We really enjoy doing this every Tuesday. Believe me it’s in the heart. It’s a priority for every Tuesday. We really, really enjoy it,” said Adrian Ramirez, worker, Cornerstone Construction.

Workers prepare hundreds of boxes of food to distribute. The Bethany Outreach Center orders the food from Second Harvest Food Bank, but getting the food from the bank to here was a challenge. 

That is until workers from Cornerstone Construction Company offered a helping hand.

“What’s unique about Cornerstone is they choose to help us. They reached out to us to be a partner and we really value and appreciate the owner,” said Howard.

Mabel says it feels good being able to not only help those in need, but also to receive help to complete their mission.

The center will distribute the food boxes to the community today from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. at the Bethany Outreach Center, located at 254 E 10th St. in Erie.

Anyone in need is welcome to stop by.

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