Parents are continuing to be impacted by the baby formula shortage. And local health professionals and businesses are weighing in on the efforts that are being taken by President Biden.

President Biden is implementing a solution to potentially help parents that are being affected by the baby formula shortage.

Imagine having a newborn and being unable to provide the necessary nutrients to the infant due to a nationwide formula shortage. That is what parents in Erie are facing.

“A lot of mom’s different formula variations going from one main shortage to kind of getting alternatives to other ones getting shortages and getting alternatives. So moms are just trying to come to us for guidance with where to find the formulas,” said Sharla Crockett, Nutritionist at Erie County WIC Program.

“There’s a lot of stress about the current baby formula shortage with no end in sight currently, but we’re hoping for improvement,” said Dr. Robert Burns, Lead Physician at UPMC Community Pediatrics.

One local mother shared her frustrations on Facebook by saying she is unable to find specific formula for her children.

Another parent said that she is facing the same issue but not due to the formula being recalled, but by it being used as an alternative by other parents.

President Biden announced on Wednesday that he is reinstating the Defense Production Act that would prioritize key ingredients for formula production and prompt suppliers to provide the needed resources to formula manufacturers.

“Hopefully this will help some of the moms. Our timeline is in the air so they’re not too sure when things will be available, but we are hopeful that the moms are able to get more resources, get more formula availability,” said Crockett.

The Erie County WIC Program is continuing to recommend the WIC Shopper App to parents who are looking for formula.

Local physicians shared what efforts they are making.

“There are some stories about formula alternatives, goat’s milk, cow’s milk, diluting formula, using tethered milk. We don’t recommend any of those things. They don’t provide proper nutrition for babies,” said Dr. Burns.

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Dr. Burns said that using those formula alternatives can make babies sick and sometimes lead to seizure activity.