Local parishioners and Bishop Persico react to Notre Dame fire

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This fire happening during holy week, leaving people around the world wondering what will happen next with the cathedral. 

A devastating scene on Monday afternoon as the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris burst into flames and burned for hours. “I mean that’s such an icon in Paris that I just couldn’t believe it, I’m in total shock still right now,” said Luigi Pontillo. 

Pontillo was at work when he got the news that the cathedral was on fire, he says he hopes the cathedral is rebuilt. “They should rebuild, with the support of everybody, I think we should just put together and really help them,” Pontillo added. 

On the other hand, Pontillo’s friend Jennifer Cordray has some reservations about rebuilding the Notre Dame.”Sometimes a lot of history is lost, rebuilt, get lost,” said Cordray.

We also talked to Bishop Persico about procedures that are in place for the Erie Diocese  in case a fire happens at one of their cathedrals.”Some of the newer churches probably have sprinkler systems in it. But here it’s mainly bio-electronics that we would be notified as soon as something happens,” said Bishop Persico. 

Bishop Persico adding that they don’t think they will add sprinklers in the older cathedrals because they don’t want to destroy the buildings’ architect. 

According to ABC News, the French president did say they will rebuild the cathedral. 

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