If you have 2G or 3G network service through your cell phone provider, it’s time to upgrade. That’s because many phone companies are discontinuing those networks this year.

Many phone companies are on the path with the newer technology, such as fifth generation network or 5G. Those being affected will have to upgrade to use a cell phone.

Phone companies are dropping the older networks to focus on the newer technology. Providers such as T-Mobile and Verizon are shutting down their 3G network this year. However, AT&T and Cricket are ending it as soon as next month.

“The 2G and 3G network is being shut down. The 5G is in place now and they have advanced the technologies in that,” said Justin Metzler, Manager at Cricket on Peach Street.

Metzler says he recommends that people buy a new phone once the 2G and 3G are out of service.

“You can come into the store, there are a number of options. We offer free phones with Cricket, we offer discounted phones as well, a number of ways to get that done.” Metzler said.

For those who may not be able to afford a new phone, using resources in the county might be an option in the future.

“We are always here to help our community if there is something we can do. With SafeNet, I know a lot of times people donate cell phones and they are set up with 911 and emergency calls and that might be a viable option that we can look into.” said Brian Shank, Erie County Councilman.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, many older cell phones will be unable to make or receive calls or text messages, including 911. It’s important to connect with your provider about options.

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Before the end of the month, you might want to check all of your devices. According to the FCC, other devices that could be connected with 3G include tablets, smart watches, roadside assistance devices, or more.