Two local photographers are using the power of their pictures to help those in need.

Mike Nesgoda and Will Vitanyi are raising awareness about the homeless population throughout Erie.

These two photographers are doing this through pictures while expressing the less fortunate journey and how they are overcoming adversity everyday.

The two photographers are using their talents to tell a story by posting pictures of undisclosed locations on Facebook.

“You have to be cautious at first. You didn’t know what to expect, but they’re people. We talk to them, we get their respect and trust. They’re having a hard time. We’re trying to give them help,” said Will Vitanyi, Independent Photographer.

“They’re people. Each of them had a story to tell. They really are just like you and me.” Nesgoda said.

If you are interested in donating, you can donate to any of the following organizations:

Food donations are also being accepted to help the homeless at the Emmaus Ministries Soup Kitchen over at 218 East 11th Street. The soup kitchen can be reached at (814)459-8754.