Local pilot reflects on the attacks of September 11th

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On September 11th, 2001, a day millions of people around the world will never forget.

On that Tuesday morning, America came under attack. We spoke with an airline pilot who was about to take to the sky and remembers that day like it was yesterday.

Retired Airline Pilot Dennis Kudlac will never forget September 11th.

It was the start to another ordinary day, that is until the attack.

Kudlak was an airline pilot flying Jetliners.

On the day of the attack, he saw his coworkers gathered tight around a tv.

He could tell something was not right. Then he saw the skies were void of any aircraft.

“I think it was the first time in aviation history that nobody was in the air,” said Dennis Kudlc, Former Airline Pilot.

Only military jets protecting America were flying that day. When it became clear that America was under attack, Dennis said that bad things started to pop in his mind.

“Then we started wondering is there more to come? Is this just the beginning? We were all worried about our families,” said Kudlac.

The world was changing at head spinning speed, and Dennis said that there was one person he was to stay in touch with, and he messed up.

“I completely forgot about my wife,” said Kudlac.

Never a good thing. Add to that it was a friend who broke the news to her.

“And she said are you watching the news. She said no why? And she goes where’s Dennis? He’s flying. And she goes have you heard from him? She knew I was going to New York but didn’t know where I was at the time,” said Kudlac.

After some gut wrenching minutes, his wife got the news Dennis was okay. He will be in touch.

Looking back 20 years later, Kudlak said that our response to the attack was appropriate.

“I think the initial response was appropriate. I think we had to get rid of Al Quida for attacking the homeland. I think once that was accomplished, we didn’t need to carry it out any further,” said Kudlac.

The Twin Towers have been replaced by the Freedom Towers also known as one World Trade Center.

Like the Twin Towers, a powerful testament to America’s will and proof we will prevail.

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