Local pizza shops gearing up for the Big Game on Sunday

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It’s crunch time for many local pizza shops as they prepare for one of the busiest days of the year. Orders are already coming in for pizza places in the area, leaving some to bring in extra staff just to get ready for what’s to come.

Not only are pizza shops getting ready to heat up the ovens and throw up some dough, but they are also getting the fryers ready for another game day favorite.

“I’m thinking we are going to go somewhere in-between 60 and 80 dozen in that hour and a half, so there’s a lot of prep work for that.” said Steve Carr, owner of Patti’s Pizza.

Some places are looking forward to Sunday by looking back.

“We look at what we did last year. We look at kind of what the weather is going to be and we try to see how many deliveries did we have last year, how many orders, how many pizzas did we make, we just try to get an understanding of what will happen the next year.” said Christina Vogel, owner of Donato’s Pizza.

Others say it’s best to have an understanding of what the majority of people want.

“90 percent want pizza and wings, it’s just the way it is, that’s what everyone wants. You do’t sell a ton of subs or salads, it’s almost always pizza and wings. That’s what people like.” Carr said.

And if you’re looking to stay healthy during the Super Bowl, pizza owners say to just check the menu.

“Cauliflower crust is 30% less carbs than our regular thin crust, which is already less than most places’ crust and its amazing. It’s actually way better than I thought it would be, it’s made in a bakery.” Vogel said.

But as for what should the customers do in order to best prepare…

“It’s just so much smarter to call in for a time you want it, if you want to come in at a quarter after six and go home for the Super Bowl, you aren’t going to make it, you know, so you want to get it a little bit earlier.” Carr said.

Pizza shop owners explained that right now, they are already beginning to take orders in order to help prepare for Sunday as well.

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