Local pizza shops ready to throw some dough on this Big Game Sunday

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Quarterbacks will look throw touchdowns on Sunday, but pizza shops will look to throw some dough.

It’s game time in terms of final preparations for one of the busiest days of the year for pizza shops.

“Hundreds of pizzas, we have prepared people to fold boxes to go. We have tons of dough and I have had people calling and I had someone already put in for 40 people.” said Nichole Young, owner of Sticks & Bricks Wood Fired Pizza.

The game certainly attracts a variety of different people.

“A lot of people come to watch the Super Bowl just to watch, which I know is a great thing. It’s just nice to see people actually come out and enjoy it, even if they aren’t rooting on a certain team.” Young said.

With the preps well underway, one cook showed the steps you need to take in order to make that perfect pizza: from pressing the dough, to choosing the toppings, to getting the timing just right in the oven. Despite the craziness and fast pace needed for the demand on Sunday, there is just one goal for workers.

“Best thing is to just watch one ticket at a time and then we will get them out as fast as we can.” Moyer said.

“I just enjoy making food and then when people are happy because they have good food, it’s usually a good time.” sand Matthew Moyer, an employee at Sticks and Bricks.

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