Local police react to shooting that left three officers dead in Louisiana

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Local police react to shooting that left three officers dead_17269714-159532

Following Sunday’s shooting that left three police officers in Baton Rouge, La., dead, local officers said the recent attacks on police doesn’t change how they respond to calls.

Three law enforcement officers were killed on Sunday, and three others were wounded in an apparent attack by a former U.S. Marine.

The gunman was identified as Gavin Long, 29, who officials said died at the scene. Long had driven to Louisiana from his home in Kansas City, Missouri, and opened fire on the officers as they responded to a 911 call, officials said.

Millcreek Police Sgt. Rick Skonieczka said he does his best to avoid watching and reading about police shootings happening around the country.

Skonieczka said he has to come to work and serve his community regardless of what is happening.

“Some of your best skills are personal skills,” Skonieczka said. “Being able to talk to somebody and relate to them regardless of whether they are black, white, Asian or Indian. “

Local officers said they have to rely on their training and must go to each situation with confidence.

Millcreek police said they train every month while the Erie police train quarterly. 

Do you feel safe?

While violence is happening around the country, Erie residents said they feel safe.

Perry Square in downtown Erie was filled with people on Monday, as others walked the streets.

Citizens said they are unafraid of violence striking Erie.

“You see (the police) patrolling,” said Erie resident Tom Skibicki. “They have that officer that now walks downtown. It is really nice.”

People downtown said they owe their sense of safety to the Erie police.

“I feel safe walking around Erie,” said Erie resident Aaron Grzegorzewski. “Nothing as happened to me, yet.”

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