Local professor and residents react to the launch of Amazon CEO and Blue Origin into space

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Much of the nation watched history today as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos rode his Blue Origin rocket to the edge of space.

We spoke with a professor and some residents on what this could mean for our future.

Several people we spoke with said that today’s launch is the beginning of many things. Other people feel the CEO should invest in saving planet Earth.

The Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, lifted off with three crewmates on the flight of Blue Orgin’s new shepard launch vehicle.

It was a eleven minute flight that made American History and some people said that the successful launch is opening doors.

“We are looking at competition between private companies to go into space which is really exciting in a lot of ways,” said David Horne, Assistant Professor of Physics at Gannon University.

Horne hopes the $250,000 ticket to go to space can come down over time.

“If these companies continue to compete, maybe that cost can come further and further down. I don’t know if it’s accessible to the average person anytime soon, but it will help do that,” said Horne.

It’s a new era of space travel, but do others see the launch as a success?

“I’m a big advocate for taxing the rich so I believe them going to space is a good reason to tax them. They have more money than to do with so why not make them pay their fair share?” said Jasmine Flores, Community Activist.

Others can agree with Flores.

“It’s cool, but I do think it’s a little bit irresponsible too,” said Louise Thompson, Resident.

Thompson feels that the investment should be put into saving lives.

“There’s a lot of money that isn’t being used in the right spaces and with everything going on climate and environment and all of the problems in today’s world,” said Thompson.

“It’s going to open up space much more than it was before I would say,” said Horne.

Horne is looking forward to the future. Meanwhile other people we spoke to said that those in power should help planet Earth.

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