Local protest held for United States Postal Service

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A local rally for the United States Postal Service took place outside of the post office on east 38th street.  

Local protesters joined the national call to action for the USPS as the federal government made several cuts to the postal service over the last couple of months.  

In Erie, two of the mail sorting machines were unplugged in recently causing some potential delays.

Some Erie residents are concerned that this could have an affect on mail in ballots, saying the changes to the postal service were intended to disrupt the upcoming election.  

Postmaster General Louis Dejoy released a statement declaring any changes to the USPS would be postponed until after election season. However, local protesters are wary this is not the case.  

The organizer of Saturday’s protest says the two mail sorting machines are still not being used. 

“Dejoy is gutting the USPS right before the election, and we don’t support that. This facility lost two of it’s six mail sorting machines, and that’s why we chose this location. We just can’t stand for it, so we brought as many people as we could out to show people that we don’t support this,” says Nathan Bailey, protest organizer. 

Bailey adds that he would like to see the 2006 Postal Accountability Enforcement Act repealed, saying the act cripples the USPS.

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