With Earth Day tomorrow, one local organization is providing the opportunity for people to voice their passions for the earth.

Benedictines for Peace held a protest outside of the Federal Building to express their concerns on what they say is a climate crisis.

One protestor said they have not heard anything in messages or voting records that gives them an idea that our representatives understand the issues.

Protestors stood in front of the Federal Building holding signs that said “we demand clean air, water energy.”

The protesters said politicians are voting and making decisions on how to spend money.

The said Representative Mike Kelly just voted for HBI, they said this would roll back regulations on fossil fuel industry and would outlaw fracking bans.

“It’s a big step backwards, it’s a step towards climate denial and its rally the wrong direction. So, I think hearing directly from constituents about their passion for the earth around earth day is important,” said Sister Anne McCarthy, Benedictines for Peace.

She said it’s important that there is a lot of support.

“A lot of support and we know that. We know that there is a big concern for the climate and that our representatives are not voting with the urgency that people are feeling,” Sister McCarthy went on to say.

Some people are glad to show their support.

“We want to be able to have it for our future generations and we just want to share how we love the earth and people should help save it,” said Makiah Ramsey, Erie resident.

Sister Anne McCarthy said some of the members that were not able to be at the rally are calling the D.C. offices.