One local sandwich shop is celebrating its 10th anniversary of business just outside the Millcreek Mall.

Picasso’s is celebrating this weekend with various giveaways for the first 50 customers.

The giveaways include a free sandwich, a free 10 year anniversary Picasso’s t-shirt, and even a chance for free Picasso’s for an entire year.

The owners of the sandwich shop reinforced in these trying times why it is so important to eat from local businesses.

“Especially now when gas is so high and you’re choosing where to eat. It’s more important than ever to eat at local restaurants because, Taco Bell will be here, but that local guy might be the difference between staying open and shutting down,” said Ray Stolz, Owner.

Along with various giveaway opportunities, Picasso’s opened up a new outdoor patio for customers to sit down in the sunshine and enjoy their meals.