Nineteen children and two teachers were murdered with AR-style firearms just days before their summer break in Uvalde, Texas.

This has now become the second deadliest elementary school shooting in American history.

Multiple reports show that the gunman purchased two AR-style weapons on two different days, just days after his 18th birthday.

The gunman also purchased 350 rounds of ammunition, body armor and multiple magazines during that time as well.

According to multiple reports, as part of the identification process, parents who hadn’t heard from their children were asked for a DNA swab from authorities at the Civic Center.

Journalists on the scene reported hearing screams of parents shortly after.

Now the question remains, what can we do to keep our kids safe in school? Parents across the region are asking that just one day after the massacre in Texas.

We spoke with local school districts to see what measures they are taking to keep their students safe.

Millcreek School District Superintendent Dr. Ian Roberts said that school safety continues to be one of their top priorities.

In the past six to eight months, the Millcreek School District has had conversations about continuing the safety of its students and staff.

“A number of things that we did previously, we hired an additional school resource officer because we wanted to make sure we were strengthening the ratio of the number of officers and that we have in place to support our student population,” said Dr. Ian Roberts, Millcreek Township School District Superintendent.

They have also been looking at their threat response.

“We have a team of individuals in place who are constantly monitoring what happens in our buildings, what happens in our networks,” said Dr. Roberts.

They also use a platform called Gaggle that supports the immediate reporting of suspicious electronic communication.

An additional mental health professional has also been placed in each of their school buildings. They also make sure to hear from the outside community.

“We want to make sure that we are maintaining an open fluff communication with our parents and community members so we are understanding what are some possibilities to get stronger in terms of our safety plan,” said Dr. Roberts.

Union City Area School District Superintendent Matthew Bennett said that they have a safety and security plan in place they review and update.

“Everything from addressing side exterior doors, which used to be full of glass panels, to now panel doors with peep holes looking out, to our fobs that we have which send out an immediate alert that there is an emergency,” said Matthew Bennett, Union City Area School District Superintendent.

They also have a mass notification system and a school police officer.

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Dr. Roberts said this summer they will review their safety plan with local law enforcement. They also received a $4 million major security grant which they plan to update camera systems and update door monitoring systems.