Local school officials comment on Parkland Anniversary and school security

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One year ago today, the shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.  17 people were killed that day. 

Jackie Roberts takes a look at how the shooting sparked changes on a local level.

Shootings in any public place shock the communities around them, but when a school is a target, the impact hits even harder.  

It took only a matter of minutes for a gunman to claim 17 lives in Parkland, Florida. 

The Superintendent of Millcreek Public Schools, William Hall, says the takeaway is adopting new ways to enhance student safety. “Honestly, we think about it probably every day.” 

Since the shooting, Millcreek Schools have made serious changes; starting with the method in which the massacre occurred.

Because of a fire alarm going off in the school, students were directly in the shooter’s path. 

Hall says, “We’re starting to train our students that when they hear a fire alarm, it’s not an automatic sign that you exit the building, that there’s an assessment process that has to take place now.” 

Millcreek Schools now have two officers on staff who work directly with the administration to come up with efficient ways to handle emergency situations. 

School Security Officer James Rich, Jr. tells us, “It is always shocking and scary, but we tend to feed off of that and we tend to make improvements based on the experiences that we have.” 

The schools also have new security-driven technology in place meant to flag visitors who shouldn’t be allowed in the buildings.

“Everyday that you keep that in the forefront of everybody’s mind, the more prepared you’re gonna be,” says Hall.  “God forbid something happens. If you save one life, it’s all been worth it.”

Hall says they’re sharing their advancements with the public because they believe other schools should also be upping their security. 

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