Local shoppers flock to area supermarkets to stock up on Thanksgiving items

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Supermarkets on the weekend before Thanksgiving are usually bustling with people preparing for the holiday.

JET 24 Action News has received some calls about many items being out of stock. However, it seems this isn’t the case for some of the stores our crews stopped by on Friday night.

The head of public and media relations for Tops Friendly Markets says their local stores have seen an increase in customers with Thanksgiving just around the corner.

“We are definitely seeing an increased number of shoppers in our stores. As they’re doing their holiday shopping, they are also picking up those items that perhaps they felt short on when COVID-19 hit the first time earlier this year. We’re not seeing panic buying which is a great thing.” said Kathy Sautter.

Some shoppers are saying they’re noticed fully stocked shelves of both Thanksgiving materials and household items.

“I saw plenty of toilet paper, plenty of paper towels. There was really no reason to stock up.” said Marjorie Clark, a shopper at Bello’s Market.

“I do not see empty shelves. I don’t see a lot of people coming out, honestly. Everybody is afraid to go out because of this coronavirus and everything happening. Flu season is coming up also.” said Crystal Burbules.

Tyrone Buckner, also shopping at Bello’s market, says he’s glad to see people staying home and staying safe.

“I’m just glad it’s like this. It’s showing me that people are doing what they’re supposed to do. I’m getting in here and I’m getting out of here as fast as I can and I’m going home.” Buckner said.

Some shoppers say they expect to see an increase in shoppers early next week, with many doing last minute shopping.

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