Local sisters in Fairview start lip balm business

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Two area sisters are adding a bit of humor and hope to the tense political atmosphere and the pandemic.

Here is more about a new company that is selling lip balm with some comical names.

Lock Down Lemon is one of those mentioned funny names. The two sisters wanted to lighten up the political scene.

“Politisticks” is a play on the word politics and lip balm. The company was started in August by Fairview sisters Susannah and Maddy Poese.

Humor is one of their ingredients.

“All of our flavors have funny names, so we kind of figured that people could use a laugh especially with the election and with quarantine,” said Susannah Poese, 10th Grader.

Working out of their home, the sisters created flavors including “Mask Breath Mint,” “Work From Home Hazelnut” and a tea flavor called “Unity.”

They also created a date flavor called “A Date with Democracy.”

The idea came up when Susannah was six years old and wanted to save money for college. She started selling lip balm to her first grade classmates.

“The idea fell out when we moved here and our lives got busy and now since we have been in quarantine we figured everybody could use a laugh and we started back up and that is how Polisticks was born,” said Poese.

The sisters got help from their mother who owns an art store. They are even retail partners with Relish Studio & Gallery.

“It fills you with pride you know. These people are happy to get our product. They are happy to see the new things that we come up with. They are happy to get them in the mail. I have gotten so many texts from my friends that are like yay my Polisticks came,” said Maddy Poese, Seventh Grader.

The two sisters hope that their business catches on so that they can sell in other states.

If you would like to get your own Polistick, click here.

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