Local sporting goods store sees increase in sales for Bills and Browns jerseys during NFL playoffs

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With two local NFL teams still in the playoffs, jerseys of the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns fan favorites are flying off the shelves at one local sporting goods store.

At Sports Obsession in the Millcreek Mall, many customers have come in search of those jerseys.

However, the owner, Brian Bowers, said that he is sold out of current Bills players jerseys. Bowers added that this year has been a record breaking year for sales.

According to Bowers, the store still has some Browns jerseys left, and he is hopeful that more jerseys will arrive in time for the Superbowl.

“I ordered 432 Josh Allen jerseys, I don’t know when I will get all of them, but if they go to the Superbowl the plan is to get a bunch of jerseys. So they must be getting prepped up to print some stuff, so you know I can’t get jerseys at the moment there is hope here in a couple of weeks to get a ton of them,” said Brian Bowers, Owner of Sports Obsession.

Several fans in the store said that they are excited about tonight’s Bills game as they face the Baltimore Ravens. The fans are also excited about the Cleveland Browns game tomorrow night against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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