Local store participates in National Record Day

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Across the country, vinyl shops celebrated National Record Day.
For the last decade, locally owned record stores sell limited-edition, specialty albums on the so-called holiday.
One Erie store participated.
Hundreds of shoppers visited Graham’s Record Store Saturday. 
While many looked for specialty, limited edition albums, others came out just for the discounts on used records in the shop. 
They told us even though they could listen to music online, they much prefer the pure sound of a vinyl.
Collectors said the sound quality isn’t nearly as good when you stream from your computer or phone. 
“When you put a record on, you get to hear it crackle. You get to hear in pop. You get to hear it play all the way through and you get to really appreciate that artist in their own music,” collector Mumna Abdelhady said.
Graham’s Records started participating in National Record Day about five years ago.
The owner says seeing the huge crowd and their excitement is his favorite part about the holiday. 

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