Local students are competing in a student journalism competition while having the opportunity to hear from guest speakers and professionals critiquing their skills.

The sessions in the competition give students the opportunity to explore other areas of journalism to decide where they want to take their talents.

Students participating have submitted sports stories, feature stories, and more while receiving advice from folks at the Erie Times News and JET 24 reporter Briaunna Malone.

The students said they would recommend the competitions to other aspiring journalists and that they would attend a second time to perfect their skills.

“It doesn’t have to be something so boring, you could talk about your own interests. It doesn’t have to be political or something that is going on in the world, it can be about anything that you want,” said Sophia Mazzocco, sophomore, McDowell High School.

“A lot of the speakers definitely had good ideas and things that we could take back, so I’m definitely going to use those moving forward,” said Bella Montagna, junior, McDowell High School.

The students say they are thankful for the opportunity to learn other aspects of journalism and work on what they already know.