Local Taekwondo gym reopens doors making major impact on students during pandemic

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As the pandemic continues, physical and mental fitness is a concern for many people especially for some young adults.

Staying active is important, which is why a local taekwondo gym is staying positive and providing new ways to help students.

A local taekwondo gym has reopened its doors and has already made a major impact on the students.

Perfecting a roundhouse kick might be the goal for some students, but for this local gym, it is all about achieving a better lifestyle.

Barbara Israelson describes how Parks Taekwondo has improved her life during the pandemic.

“It’s actually been a really big relief. I was laid off in July so my classes give me a structure to my week and keep me active and give me a little bit of socialization,” said

For some people, Parks Taekwondo is a place that feels like home.

“Well they are like my family to me. So when I don’t see them it’s really hard. Taekwondo is not only a great workout, but for some students it’s a great way to boost self confidence,” said Izabelle Ziegler,

Justin Lazarz the Head Master, explains how his students have benefited from classes.

“I feel like being able to go out and kind of just like exercise and like just see some of their friends they won’t be able to see a lot and just being able to burn out that energy and that kick. I feel like that really helps their motivation and their mental state,” said Justin Lazarz,

The art of Taekwondo provides the confidence and strength the students need to reach their goals of being the best they can be in life.

One of the five tenets of Taekwondo is having an indomitable spirit which means having the courage and the confidence to try again in the face of failure which is exactly what Parks Taekwondo Academy is teaching students to do during the pandemic.

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